June 16, 2014

Is water the new wind?

A conversation with Dr Robert Muir-Wood, Chief Research Officer of RMS about why water is the new wind when it comes to hurricane risk.

For a long time, people viewed hurricanes as dangerously high winds. Anyone who was in lower Manhattan following Hurricane Sandy in 2012 will know that that the bigger danger can come from water.

Dr Muir-Wood has been at the forefront of developments in catastrophe risk for more than 20 years and this week he explained the latest scientific thinking has effected out understanding of storm surge.

This week, Insurance Linked spoke to RMS’s Chief Research Officer,Robert Muir-Wood, about the latest advances in storm surge models and why it’s crucial for reinsurers and ILS investors to ensure that they fully understand the potential impact of storm surge on the risk that they are assuming.

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Source: InsuranceLinked


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