October 22, 2014

ILS Bermuda announces: “Bermuda Convergence 2014 will go on”

Bermuda’s resilience and catastrophe preparedness were demonstrated after being battered by Tropical Storm Fay and Hurricane Gonzalo within the period of a week.  The island received international media attention while preparing for the oncoming hurricane.

“This is a testament to Bermuda’s solid infrastructure and commitment of all Bermuda’s stakeholders to get the country back up and running as quickly as possible to ensure as little commercial interruption as possible”, said Greg Wojciechowski, President & CEO of the Bermuda Stock Exchange (BSX) and ILS Bermuda committee member.   “We wish to confirm to our local and international colleagues who plan to attend Bermuda Convergence 2014, that the event will proceed as planned and for those that will be travelling to join us, that we look forward to welcoming you all back to Bermuda for this event.”

The organization, commitment and cooperation required to respond to the tremendous challenge created by both storms was evident in the efforts made before, during and after the storm.  “Bermuda is open for business”, said Mr. Wojciechowski.  “It was impressive how well and quickly Bermuda responded, which is a testament to the country’s preparedness and organization in crisis management situations and disaster recovery efforts”.

Bermuda’s LF Wade International airport resumed operations and the island’s hotels have not reported serious damage.

The intended location for Bermuda Convergence 2014, Pier Six on Front Street, Hamilton, was compromised during the storms.

Event organisers, the Whitfield Group Ltd’s President, Suzie Pewter announced:

“After the unfortunate destruction of the Pier Six iconic structure due to tropical storm Fay, we are pleased to announce that an identical structure is on its way to Bermuda and will be installed by November 5, well in advance of the Bermuda Convergence 2014 event.  We are pleased with this positive outcome and want to thank all our supporters and suppliers for their continued support and immediate response to our needs.’

The Bermuda Convergence 2014 event and website will showcase why Bermuda is the leading centre for global risk management and the jurisdiction of choice for ILS funds, collateralised reinsurance and the fastest growing domicile for catastrophe bond issuance.

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