October 8, 2014

Nothing Happened: PCS Q3 2014 Catastrophe Bond Report

Catastrophe bond issuance remained at $5.7 billion through the end of September but still topped the same period in 2013. Despite the absence of property catastrophe issuance activity, activity occurred in other areas, particularly the growing cat bond lite market. And with the fourth quarter right around the corner, the industry’s collective mind is on whether we’ll see a new full-year issuance record. Learn about this and more in Nothing Happened: PCS® Q3 2014 Catastrophe Bond Report.

If you have specific questions about Nothing Happened: PCS® Q3 2014 Catastrophe Bond Report., please feel free to contact me directly anytime please contact Joe Louuwagie, Assistant Vice President, PCS, at +1 201 469 3126 or jlouwagie@verisk.com.


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